Little inspiration of what I usually use. My favourite brands are Direct alpine, Rab and Craft.

  • Outer layer (Membrane jacket DA Guide)

  • Intermediate layer (down jacket Husky, polartec alpha insulation jacket DA Bora, Sweatshirt Rab)

  • Inner layer (merino Spray Way, syntetics Craft)

  • Shorts

  • Trousers (DA Civetta, Rebel and Cruise) / running leggings

  • Underwear

  • Socks (Darn Tough, Cep)

  • Boots (Lowa) / running shoes (Inov8 Talon 235)

  • Sandals

  • Hat

For winter or cold days:

  • Beanie

  • Headband

  • Scarf

  • Gloves (light, warm Black Diamond cirque, inner merino, down mittens)

  • Gaiters

  • Primaloft skirt (DA Betty)


  • Cooker​ - MSR Pocket Rocket. Weights only 73 grams!

  • Spices container - missile GSI with 6 chambers for spices. Bit heavier but so freaking cool.

  • Salt container - made from small effervescent tablets container.

  • Spoon - small spoon = less food while eating from one pot. Best is polyate Sea to Summit spoon. Lightweight and deep.

  • Foldable cup or bowl - Xcup Sea to Summit. Easy to fold, no problem with boiling water.

  • Knife - my favourite Swiss made Victorinox multifunctional knife is alway with me.

Water containers

  • Thermo flask

    • The cheap one can be useful, but it’s better to invest into really good one. For example Primus flask.

  • Nalgene

    • You can put boiling water in it. It’s wide mouth and easy to fill and clean.

  • Camelbak

    • My Camelbak Crux 3l broke after 10 years of rough use and I loved it. Now I am using Osprey Hydraulics 3L reservoir and after months of use it still have bad taste.

  • Water filter

    • Thing that can save your life especially in countries, where is no potable water. Using Sawyer mini is safe. To make it double safe you can also add UV light to kill excess of harmful things in filtered water.


  • Headlamp

    • Good headlamp should have more than 300 lumens and should be adjustable. I am using Fenix but also other brands like Ledlenser, Petzl and Black diamond are good. Choose the one, that is rechargeable.

  • Powerbank

    • More mAH better. New Goalzero or Nitecore looks promising.

  • Foldable solar panel

  • Universal travel adapter

    • ​​Why plugs all around the world can’t be the same?

  • Camera and othe photographic gear

    • My old lady Sony A7 is ready to replace, but still doing the best job. Only problem is, that all my gear weights more than 3 kgs..

  • Headphones

    • Must have with you all the time. Especially when someone around is snor

  • Sport watches


  • Tent

    • Naturehike Mongar 2 is good compromise between weight and price. It’s copy of famous Big Agnes tents and weights around 1,6 kgs without extra floor. The bottom itself is not the best against wet grass so we are adding one more layer under and got the weight of 2 kgs. It’s perfect for two with backpacks inside. Also have two entry from both sides and lot of place for cooking when its raining.

  • Sleeping bag

    • I use Warmpeace Viking 900. I’m alway cold and this sleeping bag can keep me warm up to -10 degrees.

  • Sleeping bag inner linen

    • Added weight, but who else can relate, that going to sleep after all day sweating is comfy? This extra inner blanket can keep your sleeping bag clean for longer time.

  • Duck down boots

    • Love them. Especially during cold nights. It’s much more comfortable to keep your feet warm. ​​​​​​


  • Hiking backpack

    • Immortal Deuter Aircontact 65+10 litrů. Bit heavy, but sits perfectly and never left me alone.

  • Batoh na denní túry

    • Everyday ski touring backpack Ortovox Haute Route 30 is perfect. Easy to get in because of back opening and lot of pockets for different use.

    • For fastpacking Ultimate Direction Fastpack 30.

First aid kit


  • Fast drying towel

  • Toiletry bag

    • Light Deuter Wash Center can keep your staff organised.

  • Shampoo bar

    • Nature friendly. No added chemicals. NZ Ethique.

  • Washing disposable sheets

  • Sunscreen

    • At least 50 to keep you safe. Daylong 50 extreme contains no water and is perfect for freezing conditions.

  • Curaprox travel toothbrush set

  • Menstrual cup

    • Tampons and pads are hard to recycle. Nature friendly cup is easy to use and is reusable.


  • ID card + passport

  • copy of all IDs

    • Keep somewhere else that originals.

  • Driving license (International)

  • Vaccination pass (Covid + other - depends on destination)

  • Travel insurance

  • Credit/Debit cards

    • Best is to have international ones like Wise or Revolut.

  • Hidden documents pouch

Other travelling fidgets

  • Inflatable pillow

  • Bag/luggage zipper locker

  • Foldable ultralight backpack

  • Ear plugs

I think that everyone knows the horrible feeling of helplessness while packing our gear for a trip. It does not matter if the trip is just for the weekend or for a year. It’s always hard to pack what you really need and not to have backpack twice than heavy that you want.

I wrote a list of gear I am using. Can be modified for special trips, weather conditions and other circumstances.